Can the Offer of Free IPods, IPhones and IPads Really be True?

Today, it could easily be suggested that the most popular technology products are those coming out of the doors of Cupertino, California. Apple is the brand on everybody’s lips, from their range of iPods and iPhones, to iPads and Macs; once an underdog, now an industry giant - their financials have now overtaken Microsoft’s market cap, and it’s expected that their annual profits will soon too. Renowned for their high price tags, the Apple logo has become a harbinger of quality manufacturing - the iPhone 4’s aluminosilicate glass display and stainless steel bezel utilise some of the highest quality materials of any smartphone on the market. Every single Apple product release evokes a rapport of exclusivity around it, not only from its design, but from Apple’s ingenious marketing and their ability to create a hysteria among its users (and therefore customers).

However, there is a small UK based company which claims they can provide its users with these exclusively desired products for free. Established in 2007, FreebieJeebies have given almost £800,000 of free products to their users. Based on an affiliate marketing principle, FreebieJeebies requires its users to ask their friends and relatives to sign up to other companies’ services in exchange for their free iPods. For each sign up that these affiliate companies receive, FreebieJeebies receives money, which is passed back on to their users. So, whilst the promise of “free iPods” may be a clever marketing strategy, it does genuinely offer the ability to not pay for Apple products, albeit in a slightly extended method.

We asked some existing users of the site what they thought and if they had received any free products. James Arnold, a 19-year-old from London said, “I started on the site about 4 months ago. I started by just telling my friends on Facebook, but I eventually made a website. Since then, I’ve received an iPod Touch and a Xbox 360, and I am just a few referrals left from receiving an iPad - totally free! I love site, since it’s just so easy to get lots of free stuff.” “It’s amazing how little you need to do,” said Sarah Hillman. “I’m a real aficionado when it comes to Apple. So I was amazed when I heard I could a free MacBook. I received my MacBook about two weeks ago, and I really love it! I can’t thank FreebieJeebies enough.” The users of FreebieJeebies can’t seem to praise the website enough, and it’s not a surprise when they’re claiming thousands of pounds worth of free merchandise from a plethora of highly desired brands. They also give the ability to trade in referrals for purchases on the Amazon website.

With today’s unrealistic financial climate, it’s becoming more and more difficult to afford the expensive products that we had become used to. Perhaps this revolutionary website could offer the answer to this - such a premise of free gifts worth in excess of hundreds of dollars is hard to resist; but it’s even more appealing when you’ve got confirmation that’s genuine and really works.

Henry Michaels writes for, a website that works with FreebieJeebies to offer a free iPod, free iPhone and free iPad to users worldwide.
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